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Established in 2007, we are the #1 ultra-wealthy investor club because of our 4,000+ investors and mobile app with 1,000 investor profiles

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Our Mobile App & Investor Portal is Your Unfair Advantage

  • 15+ live events a year
  • Our investor portal is mobile-friendly and allows you to target 1,000+ investors by asset class
  • Hear investor mandates directly from the family offices and private investors
  • No community has as many family offices in attendance

Our Upcoming In-Person Investor Club Events

Private Investor

[How to Win Deals & Influence People]

Dallas & Virtual
October 24th, 2023

Family Office
Super Summit 2023

[10th Annual]

Ft. Lauderdale, & Virtual
Dec 5th-7th, 2023

Beverly Hills
Super Summit 2024

Beverly Hills, CA
March 5th-6th, 2024

Family Office
Super Summit 2024

Miami, FL & Virtual
Dec 10th-12th, 2024

Capital Raising Resources & Connections

The Family Office Club was founded in 2007 and has now become the largest association in the industry with over 4,000 registered ultra-wealthy investors globally. Become a member now to instantly begin leveraging our community benefits.

Access 1,000+ Investor Mandates
& Video Profiles

Our investors reveal, in the form of video interviews, what type of investment opportunities they want to see.

All of our investor interviews are categorized by industry and niche so you can easily find the right investor.

If you have an interest in presenting your deal or service to our investor simply let us know and we will provide you with their contact information.

Our investors submit these interviews because they want to see your deal.

Investor Contact Details Upon Request

Investors want to see deals that match what they are looking for.

It doesn’t matter if you heard our investor on a podcast, met them at one of our past events, or saw that we were connected with them on social media, if you are looking to engage with one of the investors in our community, let our team provide you with the individual investors contact information upon request.

Stream 125+ Investor Events on Our Mobile App

  1. Stream 25+ investor summits featuring 30-100+ investors on stage
  2. Over 100 capital raising masterminds and webinars sharing what we have learned in 16 years running this investor club
  3.  Emulate deal structures and tax planning strategies of top capital raisers and experts, gain specialized knowledge on deal making that will serve you for decades
  4. Our strategies show you how to focus on one type of an investor, attract investors, find investors faster, and raise more capital in a quarter than you did all last year.

A Full Pitch Deck and Marketing Material Review and Analysis Report by Our CEO Richard Wilson

As a member you can submit all of your marketing materials to us and our CEO will personally email you back a full analysis report and draw out areas that your presentation can be improved upon.

We will also analyze your company website, and social media pages while providing insight on how to generate more investor leads from these assets as well.


Join Our Investor Club for These Benefits

Virtual Investor Discussion Panel Recordings

Virtual Investor Discussion Panel Recordings

Connect live with investors after hearing their preferred structures, fees, and strategies. 

Raise Capital Faster Than You Have Before

Raise Capital Faster Than You Have Before

Avoid expensive capital raising mistakes & access strategies our members use to raise $1 Billion+ a Year.

Stream 1,000+ investor Mandates

Stream 1,000+ investor Mandates

Your whole team can stream and ap into 1,000+ investor leads via our mobile app

Investor Lead Lists

Investor Lead Lists

Purchase our Investor Excel List at a 25% discount as a member.

Corporate VIP members get immediate access to the  24,000 global contacts. 

Pitch Deck Coaching and Deal Analysis

Pitch Deck Coaching and Deal Analysis

Receive a quarterly candid analysis of your deal & investor materials with 20 suggested changes to boost results.

Access Thousands of Investor Leads

Access Thousands of Investor Leads

Raising capital is about building relationships with people who have something in common. 

Our community bridges that gap.

Why 1,000+ Have Joined

We realize that even if you know you would get an ROI on your money invested in our club, it is your time that is most coveted and expensive to invest.

Well, you have probably heard of Keller Williams Realty with 200,000 real estate agents; their co-founder Joe Williams attends and speaks at our events, acts as an advisory board member, and pays for membership in our club. We do not pay him to speak, just like we did not pay Kevin Harrington, who was on Shark Tank and invented “As Seen on TV.” Tony Robbins & Mark Cuban were nice enough to answer our questions recently, and billionaire Larry Namer, founder of E Channel, also found our events worth investing time in.

We have a video of billionaire Grant Cardone, who has spoken at our events several times, saying our founder Richard C. Wilson is the smartest person he has ever interviewed for his podcast.

If that isn’t enough proof that our community is real, we are not sure what else would be. As John on our team puts it, “I have worked at Credit Suisse as a broker, US Trust as an advisor, and I have never seen events with the depth of wealth seen at these events.”

If you want to tap into this community of investors and this perpetual learning machine which is the Family Office Club, then consider joining. If you do not, you will miss out on 1,000+ recorded investor mandates in our investor portal and mobile app, live in-person investor masterminds, and investor club summits each year.

In this space, it only takes one relationship, a single structure, or strategy to exponentially multiply the outcome from all of your hard work. You owe it to yourself to invest in starting your membership today. Please click here to join our investor club.

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