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The largest association in the family office wealth management industry with 100,000+ current members—become a member today. Since 2007, the Family Office Club has been working with family offices by helping them create family offices, identify deal flow from our live conferences, and connect with quality investment firms and independent sponsors.  To learn more about the Family Office Club and how to work together please see our Infographic PDF

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How the Family Office Club Can Help

Advisor to Ultra-Wealthy Families & Family Offices

Through our Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC division we work with ultra-wealthy families helping them start their family offices, invest and protect their assets. We are dedicated to democratizing the family office industry, making it easier for anyone to learn the fundamentals of the industry.  Richard has met with over 1,000 family offices in 23 countries and shared his family office insights and case studies at over 250 conferences in over 14 countries around the world.  Learn more at www.Centimillionaires.com

Thought Leadership

Family Office Club CEO Richard C. Wilson recently published his latest book, The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating & Investing, & Managing Investments of a Single Family Office. To download this book for free please join over 25,000 others in completing this form.  Richard is also the author of a book on capital raising, and for ultra-wealthy families at the $100M+ level a book on how to manage and protect their wealth.  We maintain the #1 most visited web property on family offices (FamilyOffices.com), have the #1 most downloaded podcast on family offices, and have published more than 2,250 articles, whitepapers, video recordings, and audio interviews to date.

Workshops and Conferences

In addition to our significant web presence, the Family Office Club hosts a number of events each year where members can gather to network and learn from other family offices.  We invite top speakers and family office executives to act as trainers in our intimate, full-day workshops.  To view a schedule of our networking events and workshops, see our events section.

Industry Data and Analysis

We employ 8 full-time researchers and analysts to study the industry and produce valuable resources like regional reports, family office database, or compensation surveys.  For example, Bloomberg News has frequently relied on our research in their family office industry reporting.  If you would like to commission research from the Family Office Club team or view our existing products, please let us know how we can help.

Our Growing Team

Our team of 22 professionals have deep experience in helping setup family offices, running live events, capital raising, investor relations, pitch deck design, and website/technology implementation.  Our headquarters are on the island of Key Biscayne, Florida and in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we have a global reach and you will often see our team members speaking at conferences and events across the globe.  At the Family Office Club, we recognize that while a large portion of the industry is located in the United States, there are thousands of family offices around the world.  We frequently travel to places like Singapore, Monaco and Sao Paolo to meet and work with family offices.

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